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January 19, 2017  

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"Good People" are courageous. They think outside of the box. And they inspire us to be courageous, too. Activists
NEW Detox for the Spirit
Michael Wallach, from GoodLetter #99
What's the purpose of summer camp? Barefeet, bunk beds, new friendships, and youthful crushes, to be sure. One inspiring visionary knew with all his heart that it was also the perfect place to sow the Seeds of Peace. [more]

Heroes Are People, Too
Paul Loeb, from GoodLetter #29
Heroes don't just emerge from nowhere. They're in the trenches everyday, working behind the scenes to create opportunities. A GoodLetter from the author of Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in a Cynical Time tells us that, while a triumphant icon of the civil rights movement and an American hero, Rosa Parks put on one shoe at a time. [more]

The Power of One
Amy Zindell, from GoodLetter #22
Ever think that your life doesn't amount to a hill of beans in the big scheme of things, that one person couldn't possibly make a difference in the world? Here's someone who says you couldn't be more wrong. [more]

They've Made A Village
from GoodLetter #23
It's said that raising happy and healthy kids takes a village. The Boys & Girls Club solution? Build one. A bona fide Boys & Girls Club "Youth of the Year" writes that he just needed someone from that village to care enough to pass him the ball. [more]

An Extended Family
February 2001
The Boys and Girls Clubs want to form a partnership with your family. With 2,591 branches nationwide, the Boys and Girls Clubs have become an extended family for kids all over the country. Get a preview of how their leadership, arts, recreation, education, and health programs have turned at-risk youth into "Youth of the Year." [more]

Unsung Heroes
True Colors
from GoodLetter #45
Make no mistake: Heroes are good things. But do we stop often enough to think about why certain people are our heroes and whether or not we've told them? [more]

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